Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturer Air Jet Loom

Main Advantage1.Environment Protect2.High strength frame structure3.New cloth-pressing roller lifter4.New double rear beam configuration5.Automatic oiling device controlled by computer6.Double swing the main jet device7.Pneumatic tuck-in devices8.Super start major engine  Item 9100- air jet weaving machine configu

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Main Advantage

1.Environment Protect
2.High strength frame structure
3.New cloth-pressing roller lifter
4.New double rear beam configuration
5.Automatic oiling device controlled by computer

6.Double swing the main jet device
7.Pneumatic tuck-in devices
8.Super start major engine
Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturers Air Jet Loom


Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturers Air Jet Loom
Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturers Air Jet Loom



9100- air jet weaving machine configuration 


Reed space


280,320,340,360 cm 

Useful reed width:

Below 280cm cut 0-60cm 

 Above 280cm cut 0- 80cm 


Motor choose by reed. Shedding type 


Weft  selection 

( )set weft storage,( )main nozzle, 

any weft 

 2 color; 4 color; 6 color 

Weft insertion 

Electronic control  mail, 

auxiliary nozzle relay weft, 

with auxiliary main nozzle, 

SMC  solenoid valve from Japan 



More support feet beating solid shaft, 

With weight, Crank linkage beating 

above 280cm six-bar linkage,

 below 280cm four-bar beating 

Let off 

Electronically controlled continuous

 positive let-off, suitable for 

φ800 beam    φ1000mm beam 


Take up 

electronic take up ; Mechanical take-up 

sand roller;  double pressure roller; 

rubber roller; barbed leather roller 


inside the machine winding 

outside the machine winding 

inside the machine winding maximum

 roll diameter 550mm 

outside the machine winding maximum 

roll diameter 1200mm 


positive cam shedding(up to 8)shaft 

crank shedding (4)shaft 

electronic dobby shedding(up to 16)shaft 

Cam box and dobby manufacture: 

 Bintian (made in China) 


Shedding cams 

1/1 ;2/1 ; 3/1 ; 2/2 ; 4/1 shaft              


Heald frame 

Number of New Light heald frames 


Heald wires 

Heald wires  J type 331 ; O type 330 



Mechanical shears 



Planetary  gear cutter edge institution 



30 hoops temple in the cloth above 


Back beam 

Double back beam, positive loose warp 


Control box 

7" 10.4" touch screen ;

computer control system ;

process parameters, monitoring, self-diagnosis display 


Parking device 

4 color indictor show failure 

A,broken warp: 6 row drop pin;

B,cut weft: double weft feeder 

C,selvage: near switch 

D,catch weft: sensor 

Company Information 

Our company, Qingdao Jinlihua Textile Machinery Co, . Ltd has been exporter of textile machinery many years. 
Cutting-edge technology to build high-tech products, quality service helps us establish a world- class brand. Each month we can product 300 sets at least. 
15 years' experience, we can provide high grade service, and be your trusted textile machinery expert. 

Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturers Air Jet Loom
Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturers Air Jet Loom

Jlh910 Cotton Fabric Textile Manufacturers Air Jet Loom
Q:Are you factory or trade company?
A:We are factory with trade department
Q:What kind of product do you make?
A:Water jet loom,air jet loom,medical gauze loom
Q:Do you have engineer work available in abroad?
A:Yes,we have more than 20 engineers for sales service in domestic and abroad.
Q:Which market has your water jet loom and air jet loom?
A:We sold machine in India,Pakistan,Russa,Uzbekistan,Tailand,Korea,Indonesia,Ethopia,
 South Africa,Turkey,Uganda.
Q:How can we go to your factory?
A:Arrive at Qingdao air port,take one hour to our factory by car.We will pick you up from air port.

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