Working principle of tower crane Qtz250 (7032) 70m boom length

Construction Tower Crane QTZ250(7032) Parameters of tower crane QTZ250(7032)ItemParametersFree standing52.5mMax. Load12TJib length70mLoad at jib end3.2TMast sections2*2*3m(L68B2)Parameters of mechanisms (12t)NameSpeed(m/min)Capacity(t)Power(kw)Hoisting2 fall0-456550-9034 fall0-22.5120-636Trolleying0-63 5.5Slewing0-0.7&

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Construction Tower Crane QTZ250(7032)
Parameters of tower crane QTZ250(7032)
Free standing52.5m
Max. Load12T
Jib length70m
Load at jib end3.2T
Mast sections2*2*3m(L68B2)
Parameters of mechanisms (12t)
Hoisting2 fall0-45655
4 fall0-22.512
Trolleying0-63 5.5
Slewing0-0.7 7.5*2

Shandong Dahan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in Dec. 2000, specialized in manufacturing tower cranes and construction elevators, we are pioneer of Chinese tower crane industry.

At present our products cover 9 series and more than 20 models, such as QTZ50, QTZ63, QTZ80, QTZ125, QTZ160, QTZ250, QTZ315, QTZ500, SC200/200, the technical indicators have reached the leading level at home and abroad.

Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

High Quality
Raw material is the foundation of product and the first hurdle to guarantee quality. Dahan tower crane bulk purchase steel directly from big steel factories like Baosteel and Wisco, improve the safety of product.
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

First class components
First-class product composed by first-class components, DAHAN always insisted to use the first class components, as Fangyuan support, Schneider electric element etc.

Advanced processing equipment
We have the most advanced processing equipment, such as the large laser cutting machine,CNC plasma cutters, CNC drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, sawing machines and others. 
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

Robot automatic welding system and post-weld overall processing equipment

We are the first company to adopt mast sections and main chord robot welding system in the same industry in China. This system is reliable in the performance, with high work efficiency and high automatic degree. The welding quality more reliable and durable.
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

The main limbs of the mast section, the turntable and other components are all processed and drilled after welding to improve the accuracy.
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

Automatic impeller blasting and spraying assembly line
The large structure parts are dealt with impeller blasting before spraying. That remove steel surface oxides and welding spatters effectively, eliminates the internal stress producing in welding process, increases the parts' anti-figure strength and steel surface hardness, increases painting adhesion and prolong the service life of the product maximizes efficiency and saves energy
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

Strict quality examination
Dahan have the strict quality test, raw material test, test of welding, checking welding quality of appearance, assembly and adjustment of jib, tower head and pivot in factory.
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length

Safety protection
Completely safety protection devices improves the safety, weight limiters, adopt the advanced pull-ring structure from abroad, moment adopt bow-board mechanical type which can be used in severe wild environment.

We have professional packing person to put the tower crane in the container or on to the truck.
Tower Crane Working Principle Qtz250 (7032) with 70m Jib Length



Q1: How many countries have you exported your products to?
A1:Our tower cranes had exported to more than 20 countries, such as Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Algeria, Ukraine, Turkey etc.

Q2: How to confirm a suitable tower crane model?
A2: My dear friends, please tell us the below basic parameters to confirm tower crane model:
a. Building height or tower crane working height.
b. Max load capacity and tip load capacity.
c. Span or jib length
d. Other Special requirements

Q3: Can you install the tower crane or hoist for us 
A3: Yes, we can send one engineer to your country for installing, but you should bear the cost. 

Any other questions, MESSAGE us today to get support price!

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